Summer Ministry team

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Now is a great time to start praying about the 2019 Summer.  Is the Lord leading you to this place to join our ministry team next summer?  Below is some information to get you thinking and to answer some questions you may have.  2019 Summer Ministry Team Application  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I do all summer?

A. The easy answer: HAVE FUN WHILE SHARING THE LOVE OF CHRIST WITH KIDS!  Counselors usually have seven or fewer campers in the cabin. They are responsible for camper activities the entire time campers are at camp. They attend services and activities and supervise recreation. 


Q. Will I counsel every week?

A. Camp Rock uses counselors each week to meet the camper's needs.  Some weeks, however, when the attendance is lower and camp does not need a full counseling staff, a counselor may have a week off or may be able to serve in other areas of camp such as the kitchen, camp store, grounds, or program.


Q. Will I have any time off during the week?

A. Counselors are off from the end of Friday clean-up and debriefing (usually around 6:00 PM) until Sunday evening at a time that is designated each week depending on the activity planned.


Q. What if I need a whole week off during the summer?

A. We try to accommodate your need for time off.  If you have a particular week in mind, let us know on your application.


Q. How much training will I receive?

A. Camp Rock will provide each staff member with two weeks of paid training.  Counselor training will cover camp procedures, philosophy and instruction in discipline for the various age groups. The sessions are designed to be fun and to prepare you to deal with the needs of campers.


Q. Will I get paid for the summer?

A. Yes!  We have yet to meet a college-aged student who couldn’t use a little extra money to help pay for their expenses.  


Q. When does camp start and finish?

A. Staff Training begins on May 21, 2018, and the last week of camp ends on August 1, 2018.


Q. How will working at camp benefit me?

A. Our former counselors often testify that their summer at camp was the most valuable summer of ministry and personal spiritual growth.  Receive practical Christian training and enjoy hands-on ministry experience.