Notz chapel

Notz Chapel is our premier facility and has many functions for our campers and our guests.  (The Camp Office is also located in this facility.)  As a meeting space, this facility can accommodate up to 225 guests.  We have extra wide, comfortable seating available for all 225 guests as well.  This versatile area can also transform into a larger indoor play space or set up tables and spread yourselves out.  Notz Chapel can be used all year long as it has both heating and air-conditioning to keep you comfortable.  This magnificent facility has a large stage area with an updated sound system and video projector.  With large bathrooms and a kitchenette, Notz Chapel is equipped to meet your needs.  A large recreation room is located in the rear of the building and can be used during the warmer months of the year.  (That portion of the building does not have AC yet.)  The rec room has everything from ping-pong to carpetball to 9 Square In The Air.