At Camp Rock, we are supported through the generosity of many donors and in a variety of ways.  It takes many people to come together and offer what the Lord has given them to allow this Ministry to sustain, to grow, and to improve.  Please prayerfully consider assisting Camp Rock in one of these three important ways:

1- Prayer

It is of utmost importance that we stay focused on the reason why we do what we do.  We need to pray fervently for this ministry and we need people to come alongside of us in prayer.  We've listed a few items for you to pray about consistently for us.  You may also join our Prayer Team to receive emails about specific prayers for the camp and for campers.  

  • Wisdom:  For Art and the board as they make decisions for the ministry of Camp Rock.
  • Summer Staff & Volunteers:  That the Lord will lead the right people to serve the many campers that will come to hear the Good News.
  • Facilities:  There are some facility needs to be addressed so we can be more effective in our ministry.  For protection of what we have and for provision for what we need as we continue to grow.
  • Focus:  We desire that our focus remains on the cross and that people will come to know Christ in this place.  
  • Campers:   That they are safe, that they have fun, and (most importantly) that they are receptive to the message we want to share with them.
  • Impact:  To truly impact those throughout the Panhandle and surrounding areas for Christ.

2- Needs/Wish list

Many times people find that they have something that our ministry is in need of and that they no longer have a use for that item.  Other times, people would like to contribute towards certain items that can directly have an impact upon our ministry.  These gifts in-kind can save the camp a lot of money.  Listed below is a list of items, varying in price, that the camp would help benefit the camp for physical site improvements and quality program enhancements.  Please contact the camp at 308-262-1585 or email if you would like to give an item or contribute towards an item on this list.

  • Windows:  Many of our camp buildings are in need of replacing the windows.  We lose a lot of heat out of these old, inefficient windows in the winter months.  New windows dress up the outside of the building as well as save us in energy costs in the future.
  • Roofing Supplies:  At least three of our buildings are in need of the roofs being replaced due to damaged shingles and leaks.  
  • Trees:  We would like to plant a variety of established trees to maintain the beauty of our site.
  • Cleaning Supplies:  We spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies each year, however some people have started to purchase an extra cleaning supply to donate to the camp when they purchase one for themselves.  These donations add up to a lot of savings.
    • Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner (Lysol, 409, etc.)
    • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    • Disinfectant Spray
    • Window Cleaner
    • Bleach
    • Paper Towels
    • Trash Bags (13 gal.-55 gal.)
  • Pickup Truck:  Our current 1981 pickup truck is not insured to go off the camp property because we don't trust it to make it all the way to town.  We could use the hauling power and capacity of a truck.
  • 8ft-10ft Enclosed Trailer:  As we buy supplies, get donations, many times it would be helpful to have a trailer that can be used in all elements to assist us.
  • Table Saw:  As the camp continues to improve its facilities, this tool continues to prove a necessity.  We currently borrow from neighbors when we have the need.
  • Office Supplies:  Just like the cleaning supplies, this is an area that we can save a lot of money if many people come alongside to assist us in the smaller purchases.
    • 8x11 White Copy Paper
    • 8x11 White Card Stock
    • Business Envelopes
    • Stamps
    • File Folders
  • Lumber:  We are always looking for various sizes of lumber for both indoor and outdoor projects.

3- Volunteer

Your skills can be an important and valuable donation to the camp.  We constantly have projects that we are working on and don't have the time or the manpower to get them done.  Projects range from cleaning and picking up sticks to painting and re-roofing.  It takes all skills and passions to help maintain a facility such as this.  Please contact the camp at 308-262-1585 or email if you would like to talk about your gifts and abilities and how you could possibly help the camp.  More information can be found on our Volunteer page on this website.