Want to attend?

It's Simple...
...JUST COME!  It is free!

What if I missed the first week?
Whenever you start attending, we will get you plugged with a mentor immediately.  You won't have to jump into a Bible study that is already weeks in their discussion!  We will start from the beginning.

Bring a friend
The more the merrier!  It also adds accountability. 

Interested in mentoring?

Real discipleship is consistent.  We are asking all of our mentors to commit to attending the two nights of Man Up each month.  We also understand that every once in a while, trips and sicknesses happen, but we would appreciate one's best effort to commit to this program for at least one full year.

Active Faith
In order to be an effective mentor to young men about God's Word, one must be IN God's Word and actively living it out.  We are human and we mess up and we have things in our pasts that we are not always proud of, but we are redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.  We acknowledge we are constantly growing and learning... no matter our age.  

What are we responsible for?
A few small things that have a huge impact!  Each mentor will have 3-4 guys total that they will lead Bible study and discussions on those two Sunday's a month.  (The camp will provide all Bible study materials.)  We then ask that you commit to praying for each one of those 3-4 guys each and every day for the year you will be leading them.  Touching base with them (via text, Facebook, etc.) once a week to check in and encourage them is also important.  The investment made with these small but important gestures will change lives of young men.