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Hello, Friends,

To say we’re thrilled at what God is doing at Camp Rock and through Camp is an understatement!  Between record-setting summer camps, rewarding year-round retreats, and involvement in ministry endeavors in Western Nebraska, we are…   well, we’re slightly amazed at all He is doing here! Camp Rock’s healthy growth and God’s blessing fill us with gratitude at every turn.  

 Solomon wrote “Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16.3)  We sense that clearly at Camp and are convinced it is time to intentionally, methodically move forward, continuing to IMPACT the world in which we live! 

This summer we are launching Campaign 365, an annual campaign designed to help Camp Rock reach into our local communities, growing steadily, year after year.  Here’s how it works: 365 people, families or other units   x $365  per Year ($1 per day) underwrites the operational portion of Camp’s annual budget!

That sense of confidence and well-being when you know the basics are covered is true at home, and it’s true here at Camp Rock.

Pledge to support camp at the rate of $1 per day for 2016. That’s it. You, and 364 others, and the
operating costs are covered.  You can give once each year or monthly.

What does Camp do with donations not a part of Campaign 365?  Gifts that are not part of Campaign 365 (memorial gifts, estate gifts, banquet gifts) are divided up this way:  

  • 10% , like a tithe, goes to other ministries, or local families and missionaries in need. 
  • 30% is deposited into a savings account to be used for unforeseen needs. It’s like your emergency savings at home.  
  • 60% goes into a capital improvements fund to be used for camp upgrades (Things like new windows, roofs, etc.)  

If you give more than $365 in a year, $50/month x 12 months for example, the portion over $365 will be divided the same way.

Would you like to join Campaign 365?  Pray about it to be sure, then complete the response card with this letter or log on to and look for Campaign 365.  It’s that simple.

Thank you!  It’s a delight to know you’re going to help make sure Camp Rock’s operating budget is in great shape.   We’ll be sure to keep you posted about all God is doing here!